Connect- Understand your unique goals and concerns so you know where you are and precisely where you want to go.

Create- Create a custom plan just for you so you know the exact steps to reach your goals, which means you will never be lost or alone.

Commit- Put the plan in motion and monitor your progress to keep you on track so you have less stress now and a worry-free future. 


What We Offer

Oakwood Capital Advisors helps our clients grow and nurture their wealth, throughout the generations.

We offer a complete list of services to meet all needs. Please select a topic to view more information


Coming up with a solid financial plan means doing some homework—both on your part and ours. From examining your current situation, to setting goals, to deciding how to measure your progress, Oakwood Capital Advisors is uniquely qualified to take you through the financial planning process.

Oakwood Capital Advisors offers a comprehensive investment plan that assesses your risk tolerance, tax situation and investment objectives to design a diversified investment strategy to meet your financial goals. 

We constantly research and evaluate world economies, capital markets, and diversified investment strategies applying academic research and a behavioral finance perspective while utilizing the best minds in the industry to produce proven results.

Taxes are a part of all financial decisions. Whether you are accumulating assets in your working years and need to decide where to allocate funds, or are taking distributions for income the tax implications will make a real difference.

Oakwood Capital Advisors will provide sound tax strategies to help you manage your taxes in an ongoing effort help you keep more of what you make. Helping to examine your current tax situation and identify tax efficient strategies to implement such as:

  • Integrated Tax-Efficient Allocation and Distribution Planning
  • Roth Conversions
  • Gifting Strategies
  • Tax-Harvesting

For most investors, the target of their investments is retirement. IRAs, 401k's, and pensions, among other vehicles are specifically designed with retirement in mind. Retirement planning is at its core just financial planning for a specific stage of life. Retirement planning should begin when you are very young. But what if you did not begin in your twenties, thirties or forties? For an investor who is either about to retire or is already retired there are steps we can take to get your portfolio on the right path, so that your portfolio is heading towards your retirement goals.

Important to keep in mind: The enemy of the retired investor is inflation. As inflation creeps higher and higher, your income's buying power declines. It is crucial that you structure your income to grow, even if your income is higher than your expenses. Eventually your expenses may catch up to your income due to rising inflation.

The balance between safety and income is important.

If structured correctly your retirement plan should provide you with a lifetime of income. Please contact us today to schedule your retirement consultation.

A good college education has become an essential prerequisite for employment in many industries, yet college tuition costs continue to rise at record rates. Oakwood Capital Advisors will share our knowledge and experience of how to prepare your children or grandchildren for their advanced education, and we will show you how to financially prepare for the cost of college tuition.

No financial plan is complete without considering and preparing for the risks to your success by providing financial protection for you and your loved ones. Guarding against any unknown that may arise to test your financial strength.

Oakwood Capital Advisors will examine all aspects of insurance to identify potential gaps and determine if you have the right amount of coverage.  We listen to your goals, evaluate your needs and provide risk mitigation strategies in these important areas:

  • Unexpected death: provide for the financial well-being of your loved ones in your absence
  • Disability: protect your income in the event you cannot work due to illness or injury
  • Catastrophic health expense: provide coverage and funds for major health expenses
  • Long-Term Care: covers basic daily needs over an extended time when you are older, and helps people cope with the cost of chronic illnesses, such as Alzheimer's disease, or various disabilities
  • Excess health care costs in retirement:  Medicare does not cover all of your health care needs in retirement so many people need a supplemental medicare policy to cover the gaps
  • Unexpected financial expense: identify an appropriate amount for your emergency fund (e.g., 3-6 months' income) and an actionable plan to build that fund without compromising other assets

After years of building and preserving your wealth, it is important to establish a coordinated estate plan to preserve what you worked so hard accumulate. Determining the specifies of how and through what means your assets will be distributed is critical for the sake of your loved ones.

An estate planning discussion with Oakwood Capital Advisors can help you:

  • Identify the true value of your estate
  • Plan your legacy and the distribution of your assets to your family, loved ones or charities
  • Identify estate planning strategies that help you meet your goals
    • Living trust, health care directives, power of attorney, funeral trust, beneficiary designations, etc.
  • Communicate with your other professionals (attorney, CPA, etc.) to ensure your plans are coordinated between your financial professionals
  • Provide liquidity to cover debts, taxes and expenses and reduce taxes where possible

One of the great benefits of having spent much of your adult life working is the monthly Social Security check that will be waiting for you sometime down the road. However, when and how you apply for your Social Security benefits is a critical decision that can result in a difference of tens of thousands of dollars over the span of your retirement.

Our team specializes in maximizing Social Security benefits for our clients who are preparing for retirement or are in the early stages of retirement.

Social Security benefits have become increasingly complex as the laws governing them continue to change. Our advisors will help you understand the changes to the law and guide you to make informed decisions so the process will not seem so overwhelming.

We can also answer questions regarding Social Security, including: 

  • When am I eligible to receive Social Security benefits?
  • When is it the right time for me to file for Social Security?
  • Can I receive Social Security if I am still employed?
  • How does Social Security work for my spouse?
  • What happens to my Social Security benefits if my spouse or I die?
  • Will Social Security be around for all of my retirement?

As a business owner, you are required to wear many hats - business development, human resources, accountant, public relations, customer service, etc.  You stay busy all day, every day, and don't always have time to manage all the aspects of your business.

At Oakwood Capital Advisors, we understand business owners, because we are business owners.  We provide entrepreneurs and small business owners expert advice for a variety of services, such as:

  • Cash Management solutions
  • Group life, disability and health insurance
  • Fee-based financial planning for you and your staff at a reduced rate
  • Group retirement plans such as 401(k) plans, profit-sharing plans, SIMPLE IRAs, defined benefit plans and others

For many individuals, debt feels like a heavy burden. Within your financial plan, strategic debt management and elimination can:

  • Assess all your debts, including student loans, business debt, mortgages, lines of credit, credit cards and others
  • Detail the interest rates and tax benefits from your various kinds of debt
  • Build an actionable plan for paying off loans and keeping tabs on when you can expect to be debt-free
  • Balance strategic elimination of your debt with saving to reach your financial goals